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Mar 25

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There are a lot of unknowns today due to the corona Virus or Covid-19 which is devastating the world. I can’t help but wonder if there is anybody who is taking accountability for the outbreak. I wonder if it is all true that a bat was licked in some market in China and now we have many people around the work losing their lives and their livelihood.


First, I am confused as to why there is such concern for people who are on Ontario Works or Disability.  Really not intended at all to be rude, just stating the facts that they didn’t lose their jobs, and with us not being able to buy outlandish amounts of products at Food Basics (Grocery store is limiting 2 items of one kind per household) they don’t need to be given money in this crisis- everything would stay the same for them- their rent, food; all as it was the month before and before that.  There is no reason they can’t afford their rent or need extra, the only thing that has changed is that they cannot leave their homes for entertainment, which will save them money.


In addition and not to be second we have millions of unemployed that were working who are applying for unemployment benefits, these workers are from all different fields from food service to banks- I can’t tell you the number of people and family members I know that have now been laid off and are awaiting money to help them survive, because they literally cannot work- these are the people who need the help.  How do we solve this? To aid their needs and to be beneficial there should be mortgage payment deferrals, car payment deferrals and other debt payment deferrals- all of it; on hold, until further notice, this would mend the gap between millions having to declare bankruptcy.  I know you are thinking that they are already doing this- but first try to get a hold of them and second what is this going to do to my credit score or likelihood of them renewing me? We need to take these decisions out of their hands.  What will this mean for the lenders? It will mean layoffs, which likely have already happened, and maybe pockets that won’t be lined so deeply- but if these people don’t get the relief they need, there won’t be money when we come out of this mess to spend on luxuries.


What about rent? It is unrealistic for people to ask for free rent- the owners of the properties aren’t always big business landlords- there are also many other things to take into consideration regarding rent payments.  It doesn’t just cover the mortgage payments, there are property taxes, property expenses, utilities, insurance (which is more for rented properties)- these things shouldn’t just be on the landlord to pay out of their own pockets. It is unjust to have them receive nothing- maybe there should be a program in place that anyone who is on Unemployment insurance receive a percentage off their rent and the landlord can apply to have this amount recovered- I don’t think it is automatically right to allow people to not pay when they haven’t been affected financially- if you aren’t out of employment why should you receive free rent? It doesn’t make any sense. The system is already very favouring for tenants and landlords are all treated as big business and a too bad mentality. What would happen if we had no small landlords with units to rent? It would mean a lot more homeless people.


People are dying. I am struck with a hard truth that as I watch my husband go to work everyday I loath him, but also envy him.  Being Self Employed means now being unemployed, I wish I had a concreate income and I wasn’t dependant on my own skills which have been crippled now that I have been forced to close. My husband going to work for his essential service also makes me mad and upset because if I lost one of my love ones, my parents, his parents, one of our beautiful three children- I would never forgive him.  But, will that happen? Do I want to wager my home against the life of my family members? Who can make that decision? The problem is that nobody can- decision between ‘maybe’ a family member dying or losing your house- the obvious choice hands down is losing your house.  If we start to shut down essential services, we may never get them back- People keep talking about only having to isolate for 2 weeks- do we really think this is a realistic timeframe? How long can a business send people home and pay them before this cripples and shuts businesses down?


I can say that social isolating for my family is cheaper living- we aren’t spending money on the extras, basically just food as there is no outside interaction. The fun stuff for the kids is going for walks as a family or doing a lovely art craft from supplies we already have lying around the house.   We are still living in overdraft- I chuckled today when I saw a $5.00 overdraft fee taken out of my bank account- Really? The country and world is in shambles and the bank hasn’t waive a $5.00 over draft fee?

There is a small lake that we regularly fish at.  It is remote and there is no social contact when we attend this lake so we are safe to go.  Normally we fish for the fun and rarely keep anything but for the last two weekends we have caught and kept our limit.  Distributing that fish to our family who are struggling.  It doesn’t sound like a lot but it is one meal that we can help with- and not expect a thing in return.


My ex-husband has lost his employment and two of my three children spend half the time at his home- because of his layoff we have now started keeping the kids full time to help him out.  No, we didn’t ask for child support. When the kids go to his house (for a few days here and there and yes he is social isolating as well), we send some food and no, we don’t ask for money to do this.  We are in a time when we need to be kind to everyone.  It is a time where we put down our swords and help those around us by putting our feelings aside.  We are all struggling.   Be kind to each other.  Be Safe.