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What I ate to Lose 20lbs

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    I love these blog post places- Sharing my weight loss story.

    So I will start off saying that my weight was 182lbs.  I am 5’7″ and I carry my weight well but, I could feel my clothing getting way too small and my cheap side didn’t want to purchase new clothing.   I also felt tired all the time, didn’t want to do anything.  So, I decided in July 2020 enough was enough.

    1st attempt was on meal replacement shakes and walking about 4km a day.  This was not working for me- I looked at the shakes and they were pure sugar-  I was also drinking a lot of wine. I knew deep down I had to give it up to move forward with my weight loss.   Come September 2020 I was 182lbs and feeling terrible.

    At that time I decided to join ideal protein.  This is a great program and it is expensive.  I kept with it for about a month and a half and lost 12lbs pretty quickly-  no cheating, no wine, no sugar, no bread.  But, I knew this wasn’t a long time thing I could do.  The meals were making my skin break out and I had hated the taste of what I was eating.  I decided to make my own plan.  I changed to eating this every day:

    Breakfast- bullet proof coffee (or my spin on it)-  which is coffee, table spoon of salt free butter, table spoon of coconut oil and 10% cream 2 tablespoons.  I blend it all together and that is my breakfast.  Normally consume around 8:30am after the kids get on the bus.

    11:00am(ish)-  I am getting hungry so I grab a tea or a glass of water or both- no limits to myself on these.

    12:30(ish) lunch-  raw Spinach (as much as I want),  10 almonds, tuna (usually a lemon can or spicy can), two tablespoons of oil and vinegar and water to drink again.


    2:30- tea and water time again

    5:30(ish)- supper-  I eat whatever I really want but I do  not eat sugar or any high carb items- so no bread or potatoes.  I try to do as many different veggies that I can, some high protein meat type (I am vegetarian) and as much as I can possibly eat of the veggies.  Most days I am so full after dinner I don’t ever feel hungry.

    7pm- water tea time… I make a pot of herbal tea and normally consume with the kids.

    9:00pm- Wine time.  I have a stemless glass that I fill to the top- I am serious.  I don’t do it every night but I do honestly do it most nights.  I love the taste and I feel like it helps me with stress.  But, I never allow myself to have more than the 1 glass unless it is a pre-arranged event (not often).  If I wait until 9pm that is usually more than enough as I don’t stay up too late and I just sip it.  I also wait this long because my children are in bed and I don’t want them to always see me with a wine in my hand.

    There are cheat days but not a lot of them.

    This has worked for me so I thought I would share.  It is very limiting and I get that but I feel like that is what a diet is when you are 37 years old and not very active.

    Once I reach my goal weight I will post again!  Share your story here too-  I love reading them and this is a free platform.

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