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At Kawartha Vacuum, we offer professional installation and top notch customer service.

We also offer a complete consultation and design service package for new and existing homes, whether you are a D.I.Y enthusiast or new home builder, just send us your floor plan and we will provide a full set of detailed plans indicating pipe runs and location of all components.

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About 95% of existing homes, regardless of age can be retrofitted with a Central Vacuum System. The key to success is planning a pipe system with a minimum number of inlets and elbows (turns in pipe) to keep labour time and costs at a minimum while still giving you the vacuum cleaning flexibility only a central vacuum system can.


When installing a Central Vacuum System in a Existing Home:


PVC vacuum piping is installed through the interior walls, the attic, cupboards inside build-in wardrobes, under kitchen units and other out of the sight places to suit the particular building, along with the piping, a low volt wire is run from the power unit to the centrally located inlet Valve.


Inlets can be mounted on the wall or floor and are best located near doors and hallways, landings or out-side en suit bathrooms.


With a Central Vacuum Hose between 30ft/9m and 35ft/10.5m, usually only two inlets are needed on any one floor.

Regardless of whether you intend to install your Central Vacuum System yourself or take advantage of our complete installation service, we will provide you with a system designed to meet your requirements.

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