Non Christians and Christian believers time to wake up need your help.

$150. 00( Fixed Price )





P4N 5L1

May 23

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I’m calling out all People non Christians and Christian believers.   time to wake up. Our Lord told us to be alert. Get to work.

I’m selling you a bible and free bible key chain for  $150.00 or as much as your conviction allows.


That’s $150.00 each bible and free bible key chain  .  Also have bibles for teens sons and daughters. Me I’ve been saved since conseption.  Nows  the time wake up if your sleeping  the flock could be eaten by the wolves. 

All money’s collected here will be given to our lord Jesus and our God. 

I know you must think this could be a scam but it’s not. I’m a saved God fearing man need proof my church here in Timmins can tell you.

Money collected to be used to grow our church and help the needy.  Receipts and proof where money is going to will be released to you so you know this is from God.

  I will even have our God  and our  lord Jesus to tell me where the money needs to be spent on.

I love you very much  non Christians and  saved Christians alike

Sends funds to:

Danny Colasacco

169 5th avenue rm3 

Timmins, Ontario, Canada 

P4N 5L1

Also I’m a 46 year old man I’m a Christian believer I’m single and want to be with a Christian believing woman I want to be your husband. God bring her to me ha makes me smile every time.even God and our lord laughs at this God bless you bye.