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Rouzbeh Karimkhani

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My name is Rouzbeh Karimkhani.   I have a older Samsung tv, if someone wants it to pick up in the Scarborough area feel free to contact me thanks.  


647-792-0141   or by cell

Apr 17



KAlio Road Lively

    -Do you want to be on the 1st page of google? 


    -Are you confused with your competitor being ahead of you when you know you have the better business? 


    -Do you struggle with handing out thousands of dollars and feel like you get nothing? 


    Look no further-  we are a simple solution small firm which has proven record of getting your business increased client/customers.  There are several different ways that we do this and every business is different. 


    We charge for services in different ways as well to meet your business needs. 


    Reach out via email or give me a call to discuss  – 705-690-6668- we are located in Northern Ontario and can meet in person if required.  We can help you all over Canada so please reach out for your free consultation.  

    Oct 19
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