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$0. 50 Nov 16


Ontario is looking for an ads poster to take ads off our facebook buy/sell groups and place onto our website (permission is given when joining group). We Pay $0.50 per ad and there is no limit to how many you can post per day or hour. Some of our top posters were making $24 an hour. We pay daily. Literally you take an ad from our group RENT TORONTO on Facebook
    and put on with all the same information and Photos. It is that simple! Try it out!

    For more information please email me through ad.

    Nov 16
    $0. 50



    KAlio Road Lively

      -Do you want to be on the 1st page of google? 


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      -Do you struggle with handing out thousands of dollars and feel like you get nothing? 


      Look no further-  we are a simple solution small firm which has proven record of getting your business increased client/customers.  There are several different ways that we do this and every business is different. 


      We charge for services in different ways as well to meet your business needs. 


      Reach out via email or give me a call to discuss  – 705-690-6668- we are located in Northern Ontario and can meet in person if required.  We can help you all over Canada so please reach out for your free consultation.  

      Oct 19
      $0. 00

      House Cleaner Needed

      $212. 00 Jul 29



      Toronto, ON

        We are currently seeking for a reliable, responsible and hardworking person  for the  house Cleaning of my 3 bedroom flat and 2 parlour apartment in Dufferin St, Toronto, ON.

        Payment Rate: $212 per week

        Days of Work: 2 day in the week 

        Cleaning Duties Include:

        Sweeping and mopping of floors

        Dusting of furniture’s 

        Cleaning and sanitizing of toilets

        maintaining a clean and sanitary kitchen 

        Making beds once in a while 

        Washing of windows  

        Emptying trash and disposing of waste


        Please send your Resume/ Application if you are interested

        Jul 29
        $212. 00


        $255. 00 Jun 9


        Justine Lucky

        Queens Quay W, Toronto, ON M5J 2N5, Canada

          We are old couple living in Queens Quay W, Toronto, ON, ….. We’re in need of a friendly and responsible person to clean our house. Duties is to assist us with chore,Cleaning,Laundry,Mopping and run errand for us. Employee will be coming around 2 days within the week for up to 3 hours on each day and i will also make a payment of $255 weekly Wages. If you suit the position kindly submit your CV, Application. reach us via email at:

          Jun 9
          $255. 00