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Students, Part-Time

Part-Time Jobs- in All Canadian Provinces and cities- Ontario, BC, Quebec, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, PEI, New Brunswick, Manitoba, Saskatchewan.


Hanna Back

30 King's College Cir, Toronto, ON M5S, Canada

    Are you ready for the most exciting experience of your life?

    For an university research we are looking for super-outgoing, super-confident, super-fun, super-interesting and super-daring contestants that… never lost a game of truth or dare!

    10 contenders – 5 girls and 5 guys of similar age

    Each turn all participants will submit anonymously a truth and a dare to the online platform. A participant from the group is than randomly selected and she/he will have to do the truth or the dare or face elimination. This continues until one of the participants fails or quits. After the elimination everything starts again until there is just one person left – the winner!

    Of course there are some rules to keep it totally safe, but we are looking for partecipants willing to do and say anything to win

    Partecipantion is paid and the winner get a very attractive price: 10.000$

    Participation is totally anonymous and session are not recorded. The aim is to gather data for a research

    Do you think you have got what it takes?

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    Jul 18
    $150. 00


    Ron Taylor


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      radha kumari

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