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Air Duct Cleaning Service

$110. 00 Nov 11



victoria park



    We have professional air duct cleaning technicians who are leaders in providing quality air duct cleaning and outstanding customer service. We look forward to providing you with professional duct cleaning and a cleaner, healthier environment through regular duct cleaning. Service Includes:

    1. All the Air Ducts Cleaning.

    2. All The Hot And Cool Vents Cleaning.

    3. Main Lines & Return Lines Cleaning.

    4. Herbal Sanitizer Spray.

    No hidden, Hookup or per vent charges Just one flat rate for complete Air duct cleaning You can be assured that if you allow us to come into your home, we will do the best job possible and with the utmost care and respect to your property.

    Nov 11
    $110. 00



    KAlio Road Lively

      -Do you want to be on the 1st page of google? 


      -Are you confused with your competitor being ahead of you when you know you have the better business? 


      -Do you struggle with handing out thousands of dollars and feel like you get nothing? 


      Look no further-  we are a simple solution small firm which has proven record of getting your business increased client/customers.  There are several different ways that we do this and every business is different. 


      We charge for services in different ways as well to meet your business needs. 


      Reach out via email or give me a call to discuss  – 705-690-6668- we are located in Northern Ontario and can meet in person if required.  We can help you all over Canada so please reach out for your free consultation.  

      Oct 19
      $0. 00

      K2 Car Wax & Polish

      $10. 00 Jul 4



      • : 00968 96937737

      ” Keep Your Car Always New “
      Best Car Wax and Polish 
      (Made in Poland)

      We are looking for sales person on profut basis

      Please contact for detail,

      Jul 4
      $10. 00



      • : 6476228020

      Fast friendly professional auto body services at you door on call 24/7 I’m a trained auto body tech I specialize in a wide range of repairs that can be done at your location at you convenience. Services include but are not limited to *dents/dings *rust repair *scratches/chips *paint blends/restoration *headlight restoration *parts/installation (BUMPER DENT Specialist) CALL ANYTIME WORKING 7 DAYS A WEEK SUN UP TILL SUNDOWN 647-622-8020 CASH ONLY

      Dec 30