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Eric Daniels

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Your Grades are your lifetime wealth. Seek Help and enhance your academic grades!!

In this student’s life, everyone needs support and help from time to time, either inform of tutoring or understanding some concepts or completing some tasks. Sometimes it’s difficult to fulfil prof. requirements. No matter the kind of work you need to do, be it a tutoring or homework or even a complete coursework, it is always easier and secure to employ the services of an experts and at an inexpensive cost. In employing the services of a professional, you get to save time for yourself.



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This lessens the burden of your shoulders especially some students find it hard to complete. I take note of the fact that I am dealing with students, and as such, I make the token for the work done very affordable such that the student only needs to pay a few dollars per tasks. So for students, there would be no need to worry yourselves over the getting task done, you can use the extra time to do something more productive.



Geometry Pre-Algebra Algebra 1 2 Beginning Algebra Intermediate college advanced Algebra Trigonometry Pre-Calculus Business Calculus 1 2 3 Differential Equations ( calc 4 ) Vector Calculus SAS Excel Linear Algebra Discrete / Finite Math AP Classes Advanced Mathematics College Statistics

Advanced Statistics Engineering Stats / Other Stats Number Theory Partial Differential Equations

College Geometry / Topology / Data Analytics Minitab Probability Elementary Math Business Statistics Stats for Social Sciences, Psychology





Physics (mechanics electricity magnetism modern) Introductory Chemistry General Chemistry 1 2 AP Statistics Calculus Astronomy Physical Sciences All related College Classes General Engineering Courses Engineering Thermo Applied Physics Motion Thermodynamics / Fluid Mechanics Electro-statics / Electro-dynamics / Magnetism Circuits / Advanced Circuit Concepts Oscillations / Waves Atomic / Nuclear / Particle/ Intro Quantum Astro-Physics / Astronomy



Anatomy / Physiology Bio (General) Micro Biology / Cellular Bio / Human Bio

Genetics / Medical Terminology Organic Chemistry Biochemistry Inorganic chem Physical Chemistry Spectroscopy Stereochemistry




Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Financial Accounting, Intermediate Cost Accounting, Business Law, Economics, Intermediate Microeconomics (Micro), Macroeconomics (Macro), Finance, Corporate Finance, Marketing, Management, MBA, International




Social Sciences

Anthropology, Economics, Law & Justice, Geology, Liberal Arts, Liberal Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology Humanities Nursing Communications, English Literature, History, Essay Writing, Religious Studies, Theology, Philosophy Research Papers Term Thesis PowerPoint Presentation slides APA MLA Harvard




Computer science

Python / Java / SQL/ JavaScript / HTML CSS / C / C++ /MATLAB / SPSS / R Programming/ Excel / Microsoft Access Word.



Why choose me over everyone else?

– 24 hours support via text

– Regular Update

– Feedback Correction

– Local Experts

– On Time Delivery Guaranteed

– Installment Payment



Please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your requirements – most queries will receive a response within 15 minutes, and all queries will receive a response within 1 hour. Around the clock email support is also offered to all clients.

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